About SkillsMap®

SkillsMap® is the trademarked, copyright-protected database of over 250 transferable skills that are developed through almost 40 distinct subject areas taught in pre-18 education. The database was developed by Dr Kate Daubney through a manual textual analysis of all UK government curriculum documentation at GCSE and A Level, cross-referencing to Welsh and Scottish pre-higher education qualifications systems. SkillsMap® is therefore an evidence-led tool that shows you the skills that learners already develop through academic curriculum Subjects, and how those same skills might be used in the workplace. You can find out more about the peer-reviewed research Kate has published on this work on the Research and Publications page.

SkillsMap® is different to other skills frameworks and tools, because it is derived from the Subjects which are common to education globally. It is also not asking educators to add a few number of skills in, but instead to surface and articulate to learners the skills that are innate to all subjects.

The research behind SkillsMap® proposes that instead of trying to make a ‘best guess’ of the skills that will be important in the future, it is more practical and realistic to recognise that different combinations of all these transferable skills are needed to solve the wicked problems of the future. Those same transferable skills enable everyone to gain and develop new knowledge and specialist skills.

SkillsMap® research was based on UK pre-18 curriculum documentation, but subjects are fundamentally the same in disciplinary terms, wherever they are taught in the world, whatever form the syllabus might take. So while employers’ and governments’ priorities over perceived specialist skills gaps and shortages might change, the transferable skills needed to acquire those new specialist skills don’t change. And neither, essentially, do the subjects through which learners first use and develop those transferable skills in education.


For enquiries about:

  • the taxonomy and research behind SkillsMap®
  • INSET days on transferable skills development in curriculum or through careers education
  • training and development on careers education
  • designing careers and employability strategy

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